Saturday, 27 August 2011

Short Answer .NET Interview Questions (Part 5)

Q81. What technique is used to figure out that the page request is a postback?
Ans. The IsPostBack property of the page object may be used to check whether the page request is a postback or not. IsPostBack property is of the type Boolean.

Q82. Which event of the ASP.NET page life cycle completely loads all the controls on the web page?
Ans. The Page_load event of the ASP.NET page life cycle assures that all controls are completely loaded. Even though the controls are also accessible in Page_Init event but here, the viewstate is incomplete.

Q83. How is ViewState information persisted across postbacks in an ASP.NET webpage?
Ans. Using HTML Hidden Fields, ASP.NET creates a hidden field with an ID="__VIEWSTATE" and the value of the page's viewstate is encoded (hashed) for security.

Q84. What is the ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET used for?
Ans. The ValidationSummary control in ASP.NET displays summary of all the current validation errors.

Q85. What is AutoPostBack feature in ASP.NET?
Ans. In case it is required for a server side control to postback when any of its event is triggered, then the AutoPostBack property of this control is set to true.

Q86. What is the difference between Web.config and Machine.Config in .NET?
Ans. Web.config file is used to make the settings to a web application, whereas Machine.config file is used to make settings to all ASP.NET applications on a server(the server machine).

Q87. What is the difference between a session object and an application object?
Ans. A session object can persist information between HTTP requests for a particular user, whereas an application object can be used globally for all the users.

Q88. Which control has a faster performance, Repeater or Datalist?
Ans. Repeater.

Q89. Which control has a faster performance, Datagrid or Datalist?
Ans. Datalist.

Q90. How to we add customized columns in a Gridview in ASP.NET?
Ans. Make use of the TemplateField column.

Q91. Is it possible to stop the clientside validation of an entire page?
Ans. Set Page.Validate = false;

Q92. Is it possible to disable client side script in validators?
Ans. Yes. simply EnableClientScript = false.

Q93. How do we enable tracing in .NET applications?
Ans. <%@ Page Trace="true" %>

Q94. How to kill a user session in ASP.NET?
Ans. Use the Session.abandon() method.

Q95. Is it possible to perform forms authentication with cookies disabled on a browser?
Ans. Yes, it is possible.

Q96. What are the steps to use a checkbox in a gridview?
Ans. <ItemTemplate>
<asp:CheckBox id="CheckBox1" runat="server" AutoPostBack="True"

Q97. What are design patterns in .NET?
Ans. A Design pattern is a repeatitive solution to a repeatitive problem in the design of a software architecture.

Q98. What is difference between dataset and datareader in ADO.NET?
Ans. A DataReader provides a forward-only and read-only access to data, while the DataSet object can carry more than one table and at the same time hold the relationships between the tables. Also note that a DataReader is used in a connected architecture whereas a Dataset is used in a disconnected architecture.

Q99. Can connection strings be stored in web.config?
Ans. Yes, in fact this is the best place to store the connection string information.

Q100. Whats the difference between web.config and app.config?
Ans. Web.config is used for web based applications whereas app.config is used for windows based applications.

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