Saturday, 27 August 2011

Short Answer .NET Interview Questions (Part 4)

Q41. How to instruct the garbage collector to collect unreferenced data?
Ans. We may call the garbage collector to collect unreferenced data by executing the System.GC.Collect() method.

Q42. How can we set the Focus on a control in ASP.NET?
Ans. txtBox123.Focus(); OR Page.SetFocus(NameOfControl);

Q43. What are Partial Classes in Asp.Net 2.0?
Ans. In .NET 2.0, a class definition may be split into multiple physical files but partial classes do not make any difference to the compiler as during compile time, the compiler groups all the partial classes and treats them as a single class.

Q44. How to set the default button on a Web Form?
Ans. <asp:form id="form1" runat="server" defaultbutton="btnGo"/>

Q45.Can we force the garbage collector to run?
Ans. Yes, using the System.GC.Collect(), the garbage collector is forced to run in case required to do so.

Q46. What is Boxing and Unboxing?
Ans. Boxing is the process where any value type can be implicitly converted to a reference type object while Unboxing is the opposite of boxing process where the reference type is converted to a value type.

Q47. What is Code Access security? What is CAS in .NET?
Ans. CAS is the feature of the .NET security model that determines whether an application or a piece of code is permitted to run and decide the resources it can use while running.

Q48. What is Multi-tasking?
Ans. It is a feature of operating systems through which multiple programs may run on the operating system at the same time, just like a scenario where a Notepad, a Calculator and the Control Panel are open at the same time.

Q49. What is Multi-threading?
Ans. When an application performs different tasks at the same time, the application is said to exhibit multithreading as several threads of a process are running.2

Q50. What is a Thread?
Ans. A thread is an activity started by a process and its the basic unit to which an operating system allocates processor resources.

Q51. What does AddressOf in VB.NET operator do?
Ans. The AddressOf operator is used in VB.NET to create a delegate object to a method in order to point to it.

Q52. How to refer to the current thread of a method in .NET?
Ans. In order to refer to the current thread in .NET, the Thread.CurrentThread method can be used. It is a public static property.

Q53. How to pause the execution of a thread in .NET?
Ans. The thread execution can be paused by invoking the Thread.Sleep(IntegerValue) method where IntegerValue is an integer that determines the milliseconds time frame for which the thread in context has to sleep.

Q54. How can we force a thread to sleep for an infinite period?
Ans. Call the Thread.Interupt() method.

Q55. What is Suspend and Resume in .NET Threading?
Ans. Just like a song may be paused and played using a music player, a thread may be paused using Thread.Suspend method and may be started again using the Thread.Resume method. Note that sleep method immediately forces the thread to sleep whereas the suspend method waits for the thread to be in a persistable position before pausing its activity.

Q56. How can we prevent a deadlock in .Net threading?
Ans. Using methods like Monitoring, Interlocked classes, Wait handles, Event raising from between threads, using the ThreadState property.

Q57. What is Ajax?
Ans. Asyncronous Javascript and XML - Ajax is a combination of client side technologies that sets up asynchronous communication between the user interface and the web server so that partial page rendering occur instead of complete page postbacks.

Q58. What is XmlHttpRequest in Ajax?
Ans. It is an object in Javascript that allows the browser to communicate to a web server asynchronously without making a postback.

Q59. What are the different modes of storing an ASP.NET session?
Ans. InProc (the session state is stored in the memory space of the Aspnet_wp.exe process but the session information is lost when IIS reboots), StateServer (the Session state is serialized and stored in a separate process call Viewstate is an object in .NET that automatically persists control setting values across the multiple requests for the same page and it is internally maintained as a hidden field on the web page though its hashed for security reasons.

Q60. What is a delegate in .NET?
Ans. A delegate in .NET is a class that can have a reference to a method, and this class has a signature that can refer only those methods that have a signature which complies with the class.

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